Curry & Vegetables

Available for Lunch & Dinner

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Red or Green Curry


GLUTEN FREE SPICY. Flavored with red or green curry paste with eggplant, bamboo shoots, green beans, bell peppers, and basil leaves.
Tofu $16
Chicken $18
Beef $19
Shrimp $20

Massaman Curry


GLUTEN FREE SPICY. Carrots, potatos, onions, roasted peanuts, and red pepper in masaman curry sauce.

Mango Curry


GLUTEN FREE SPICY. Chicken and shrimps in yellow curry paste, with fresh mango, snap peas, and onions.

Fish (Haddock) or Salmon Choo Chee


GLUTEN FREE SPICY. Filet haddock or salmon grilled or lightly battered, with choo chee curry paste, coconut milk, and red bell peppers served on a bed of grilled asparagus.

House Special Curry


GLUTEN FREE SPICY. Shrimps and scallops in red curry paste, and coconut milk, served on a bed of baby spinach, red bell peppers, and snap peas.

Tofu Delight


Fresh or steamed tofu stir-fried with mixed green vegetables, ginger, and brown sauce.

Soy Lover


Deep fried soy chicken nuggets, stir-fried with green beans, ginger, and a vegetable sauce, topped with pine nuts.

Praram Tofu


GLUTEN FREE Steamed or fried tofu and steamed mixed vegetables, topped with a peanut curry sauce

Shrimps Delight


Stir-fried mixed vegetables with shrimp and ginger sauce, topped with pine nuts.

Spicy Bok Choy or Spicy Eggplant


SPICY. Stir-fried bok choy or eggplant with basil sauce and soy chicken nuggets.

Vegetable Fried Rice


GLUTEN FREE. Stir-fried jasmine rice with mixed vegetables, egg or no egg.

Vegetables Delight


Stir-fried mixed vegetables with vegetable sauce.

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